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Service. Results. Experience: Building a Stronger, More Inclusive Alexandria

As a proud father, loving husband and a fourth generation Alexandrian, John cares deeply about the future of Alexandria. Growing up in the North Old Town and Quaker Hill public housing communities, John developed a passion for serving those that are underrepresented and underserved. Serving as the youngest President of the Alexandria Branch of the NAACP, John became an advocate for affordable housing and public safety.


As a career educator, John has remained devoted to improving the opportunity and quality of life in the city. One of John’s top priorities has been to ensure our students have the resources and materials needed to succeed. Having served on the Alexandria Public School Board’s Budget Advisory Committee, John has worked tirelessly to ensure all students have equal access to resources. 


John is the proud owner and founder of the Manumission Tour Company, which provides curated heritage tours. John is a strong advocate of historic preservation and takes pride in sharing our city's history with fellow residents and local tourists. As a small business owner himself, John will continue to work alongside local businesses to develop solutions that will reinvigorate our slowed economy. 


Last February, John and his wife Monika celebrated the birth of their first child, John, II. As John looks to the future he hopes to continue his work to create a city that is prosperous, safe and culturally diverse. His hope is that one day his son will be excited to carry on the legacy as the fifth generation of Chapmans to call Alexandria home. 


Thank you! Welcome to the campaign!

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