Councilman John Taylor Chapman

Delivers Results In Our Community 

On Council, John will keep fighting for world-class schools, housing that is affordable, and economic opportunity so everyone can live, work, and enjoy the unique and vibrant culture of Alexandria. Learn more about his plans for the City below and his commitment to working with you to move this vision to reality.

Investing in Youth and Education


John helped Alexandria pass the region’s first Youth Master Plan that ensures we invest in our children at every stage of their lives. On Council, he will fight to:

  • Expand access to Pre-K education & out of school education opportunities to support academic enrichment as well as social and emotional learning.

  • Increase communication and collaboration with school board to better the city’s schools.

  • Support Partnerships with local leaders in higher education such as Northern Virginia Community College to improve academic outcomes, promote college access and prepare students for the future workforce.

  • Explore public-private partnerships to address growing capacity and infrastructure needs so that all children can learn in a safe, quality environment. 


Promoting Small Business


As a small business owner, John brings first-hand experience to the opportunities and challenges of starting a business in Alexandria. On Council, he will fight to:

  • Streamline permitting process through the creation of an online one-stop shop for permitting, licensing and business tax payments.

  • Invest in critical infrastructure such as municipal broadband, roads, and public transit to connect small businesses to the resources and customer base they need to thrive.

  • Develop economic activity centers in the West End. 

  • Support placemaking and wayfinding activities to help small businesses attract customers and promote a sense of community. 


Protecting Affordable Housing and Homeownership


John is vigilant voice for affordable housing and has pushed the development community to devote more resources to affordable housing and homeownership. On Council, he will fight to:

  • Ensure affordable housing options for current and future residents of all income levels.

  • Support Alexandria Housing and Redevelopment Authority (ARHA)’s efforts to increase the number of sustainable and affordable housing units. 

  • Push for more public/private partnerships to increase long-term housing capacity.


Driving Equitable Economic Development


John actively works to recruit businesses to and retain businesses in Alexandria and understands these business are critical to creating and sustaining good jobs. On Council, he will fight to:

  • Partner with the Alexandria’s business community to identify policies and practices that delay or prevent the growth of local businesses, especially women owned and minority businesses. 

  • Establish an Economic Sustainability Task Force to evaluate city policies and initiatives to support, cultivate, and grow local businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Attract new and innovative business sectors by establishing an Innovation District in the Eisenhower Valley and rapidly advancing the Landmark Mall redevelopment.

  • Create a development tracker to help citizens learn more about proposed developments and recently approved development proposals. 


Engaging Alexandrians 


John is committed to ensuring that every voice and diverse voices are heard and help shape Alexandria’s future. On Council, he will fight to:

  • Strengthen Engage Alexandria to get better connect residents to opportunities to contribute their expertise and experience to issues that the city is working to resolve.

  • Develop City Council Internship Program to engage young people in local government, outreach and policy making.




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